What's Included In This Workshop
What Your Higher Self Is

Jen and Eleni are deeply passionate about their higher self. They are going to explain to you what your higher self is and why being connected to your higher self is so important.

The Difference between Higher Self and Source

Are you confused about what the difference is between all these different spiritual terms – higher self, universe, source, god and the universal mind? If so, Eleni and Jen are going to explain the differences.

Benefits of Connecting with Your Higher Self

Jen and Eleni go through 6 different benefits you may experience when it comes to you building that connection with your higher self.

Determining if you are Connected to your Higher Self

If you are wondering if you are connected with your higher self, then take a look at these 4 signs that you are connected to that highest part of you.

3 Blocks Stopping You From Hearing The Messages You Need to Hear

Jen and Eleni are going to go through three blocks that may be causing you to connect with your higher self and therefore is also blocking you from manifesting your greatest desires.

How To Begin to Hear the Messages from your Higher Self

Action Time: Start to hear the messages… Are you wondering why you are having a hard time hearing the messages from your higher self? Are you concerned that your intuition is not working? If so, Jen and Eleni will give you some tips on how you can start to hear these messages.

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