Lisa Campion
About Me

I have been a professional psychic for over 20 years, and use a combination of intuition, energy healing and therapeutic techniques to help you understand yourself at a deeper soul level.

My specialty as a psychic counselor is to work at the level of the soul. Your soul is the most amazing part of you! (And for me, it’s like unwrapping the most beautiful present ever! It’s Christmas morning every day in my office…)

Your soul is the essential part of you that holds your core essence. Soul work will help you know yourself better, including:

  • What’s amazing about you and what your unique gift to the world is.
  • Where you might be stuck and have challenges.
  • What your past lives are- they help explain a lot!
  • Where your own soul is wanting to move you in the future

Spending an hour talking to your soul can be a wonderful gift to yourself! I will spend a lot of the session talking to you about what is great about you, helping you connect to your soul and your life’s purpose. We will of course talk about whatever issues are on your mind. (We can talk about ANYTHING and I guarantee you complete confidentiality.)

I love to work with clients that are in transition and at a crossroads in their lives. Having an hour long conversation with your own soul can help you see things from the spiritual viewpoint and make sense of the chaos we experience in our daily lives.

I am above all else practical (for a psychic!) and my hope is that you leave your session with some useful ideas and tools to help you shift your life.

I am passionate about training and empowering empaths, psychics and healers since I believe that the world needs all the healers it can get!  Helping people understand and develop their own intuitive nature is my calling. I love to empower people to accept and develop their psychic and empathic skills as the gift it truly is, since an untrained psychic nature can feel like a curse. Empathy can feel like your greatest weakness until we learn to manage it, and then it becomes our greatest strength.

My Specialties

I am a psychic counselor and Reiki master teacher with over twenty-five years of experience. I have trained more than one thousand practitioners in the hands-on, energy-healing practice of Reiki, including medical professionals, and has conducted more than fifteen thousand individual sessions in my career.