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  • Altering Beliefs, Values and Attitudes

    In their livestream, Chris and Jen will assist you in converting those limited beliefs that are holding you back, in business and life, to ones that are going to move you towards success. They will also take you through figuring out your values and attitudes so you may be the most successful entrepreneur/business owner you can be.

  • Building a Money Mindset

    One big block that often comes up is the money block where we are stuck in the place of poverty consciousness instead of wealth consciousness. Jen and Chris will take you through some strategies to change this from the perspective of business and career in an attempt to help you bring more money and success into your business.

  • Leadership/Team Building

    One thing that will stop you from achieving true success in your business is that of poor leadership skills or the inability of your team to work together. Chris and Jen are here to show you ways that you can start building on those leadership skills and getting your team to work more effectively.

  • Building Confidence/Self Worth

    Are you wanting more Sales? Do you want your staff to be confident when selling your product or service? If so, then it is important to learn strategies to help build their confidence and their self worth. Doing this will allow them to thrive in whatever position they are in.

  • Harmonising the 9 Anchors of Transformation

    Jen and Chris have developed their very own process called the 9 Anchor Transformational Process (9-ATP) where they help entrepreneurs and business owners harmonise all areas of their lives so they may thrive. This program will be launched in March 2023, although the beginners one is already available at the Superconscious Success Academy. In March, Chris and Jen will also be making their services available for the corporate arena. However, within the livestream, they will take you through some of these areas.


Altering Beliefs, Values and Attitudes Building a Money Mindset Leadership/Team Building Building Confidence/Self Worth Harmonising the 9 Anchors of Transformation
What beliefs are holding you back from success?
What money blocks are holding you back?
The power of positive leadership.
Boosting your employees self worth to understand their value.
The power of harmonising your life to be truly happy and successful.
How are your Values influencing you?
Turn that poverty consciousness to a prosperity consciousness.
Strategies to help your team thrive.
Building confidence in selling to improve your sales results.
What good is money without love or health?


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