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  • Connecting with your Higher Self and the Divine

    One of the purposes of both Jen and Eleni is to help you to connect with that higher part of you, your higher self (the Superconscious) as well as that of the divine and source. They are excited to give you techniques and strategies that will allow you to do that.

  • Healing Your Inner Child

    Healing our inner child is so incredibly important as it allows us to recognise the childhood trauma that we went through and acknowledge it so we can move past it. If we hold onto this trauma then we remain stuck in the past and unable to move forward. It also allows us to recognise the patterns that are holding us back so we may transmutate them into positive patterns. Jen and Eleni will show you how you may finally heal that inner child, reparent yourself and process that pain in a gentle way.

  • Recognising and Healing your Shadows

    Jen and Eleni will take you through shadow work where you begin to accept those parts of yourself that you find difficult to accept. You will start to recognise that the judgements you place outside of yourself with somebody else is in fact a shadow that you are trying to suppress. Bring it to the light rather than try to suppress it and see the changes that will start happening in your life.

  • Manifesting and Trusting in Source

    Are you wanting to manifest something incredible? Are you stuck but you don't know why your desires are not coming to you? If so, Jen and Eleni will take you through some principles of how you may start to bring your manifestations into reality, including trusting in source and the universe.

  • Mastering Meditation

    One of the most powerful benefits of attending these livestreams is the meditations that Jen and Eleni will take you through. On the new moon and full moon you will get a FREE activation and will be guided to either set your intentions on the new moon OR let go of something on the full moon.


Connecting with your HS Healing your Inner Child Recognising your Shadows Manifesting and Trusting Mastering Meditation
The Power of Connecting with your Higher Self
Uncovering Inner Child Trauma
Uncovering your Shadows
Understanding the Universal Laws
New Moon Meditation Activation
Downloads, Downloads, Downloads (Intuition)
Reparent yourself to Thrive
Learning to Love Your Shadows
Trusting Source has your back
Full Moon Meditation Activation


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