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  • Money as Energy

    Like everything else in this universe money is simply energy. In this livestream, Laurina and Jen will take you through what energy is, the power of optimising your energy and how you may begin to shift your energy so as to bring in more wealth and abundance.

  • Quantum Physics

    One passion of Jen and Laurina's is that of quantum physics and coming into alignment with the energy of money. In this series of livestreams, they will explain to you about what quantum physics is and how you can utilise it to manifest.

  • Truth About Money

    Throughout the years, we have been taught some interesting concepts about what money is and why we are struggling with bringing more money into our lives. We are told that it is the economy's fault, it is our bosses fault and it is everybody else's fault but ours. Jen and Laurina will start to crack open these false statements so you can begin to understand that wealth is yours for the taking, if you just allow.

  • The Power of Love

    Everything that source has to offer is based around love. Loving yourself and loving money is the first step to attracting more of it into your lives. Jen and Laurina will show you how you may boost your own self love and implement strategies that will bring more money into your life.

  • Release Money Blocks

    Because of past programming we develop beliefs that do not serve us when it comes to money. In order to be able to bring more abundance and wealth into our lives, we need to alter these beliefs to ones that serve us more. Therefore, Laurina and Jen will take you through activities and ways you can begin to alter those belief systems.


Money as Energy Quantum Physics Truth About Money The Power of Love Release Money Blocks
What is Energy?
Introduction to Quantum Physics.
Wealth is our birthright.
Boosting self love to attract abundance.
The impact beliefs can have on manifesting wealth and abundance.
Shifting your energy to one of abundance.
Utilising Quantum Physics to manifest abundance.
Taking responsibility is the first step.
Daily habits that can bring more money into your life.
The most common money blocks influencing your wealth.


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