What's Included In This Workshop
What Boundaries Are and Why it is so Difficult for Empaths to Set Them

Jen and Lisa will define boundaries and explain to you the reasons why it is so difficult for us as empaths to set them

Exploring the 7 Different Types of Boundaries

Did you know there are 7 main types of boundaries we need to consider setting. Jen and Lisa will go through each of them and why it is important you set them.

Benefits of Setting Boundaries

There are many benefits to setting boundaries but in this workshop, Lisa and Jen will take you through 6 main benefits you may experience, including powering up to be the amazing person you were designed to be.

How To Know If You Need To Set Boundaries

Are you wondering if you need to start setting some boundaries? If you are, then Jen and Lisa are going to go through 4 signs that may indicate it is time to power up.

4 Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries

Now it’s action time. Here, Jen and Lisa will show you how you can begin to set healthy boundaries and start to power up again when confronted by your energy vampire.

Protecting Your Energetic Boundaries

One of the biggest issues with empaths is protecting our energetic boundaries. This is why Jen and Lisa take you through 5 ways you can protect this vital energy.

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