What's Included In This Workshop
What Your Shadow Is

Jen and Eleni understand the importance of bringing your shadow into the light. They are going to start off by explaining what the shadow is.

Why Loving Your Shadow Is So Important

We often try to squash our shadow side out of fear of accepting the truth. However, Jen and Eleni will explain to you why it is important that you love your shadow and acknowledge it.

What Resisting Your Shadow Does

If you don’t acknowledge your shadow, then there are some things that may happen. In this workshop, Jen and Eleni will explain to you what these may be.

The Ego Versus The Shadow

There may be confusion as to what the difference is between the ego and the shadow. Jen and Eleni are going to explain the difference between the two so that you may begin to be able to work with both efficiently.

3 Techniques to Identify Your Shadows

Action Time: Start to Identify Your Shadow. Now that you understand about the shadow, it is time to identify what yours are. Jen and Eleni will finish off the workshop by giving you 3 techniques to help to do this.

  • Lifetime access to this workshop.
  • Shadow Work meditation within membership area to help you integrate your shadow.
  • 25% discount on premium programs during workshop.

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