What's Included In This Workshop
What Energy Vampires Are

You have probably heard the term Energy Vampires but you are a little confused about exactly what they are, then Jen and Lisa are going to explain  this to you.

6 Main Types of Energy Vampires

There are actually many different types of energy vampires that you may be surrounded by. Jen and Lisa will go over the 6 main types so you may begin to be able to distinguish those that are energy vampires.

Signs You Are Being Attacked

When you are attacked by an energy vampire, you can start to experience mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Jen and Lisa will let you know what some of them are.

Setting Boundaries with a Vampire

Action Time #1 – Setting Boundaries with the Vampire. Setting boundaries can be especially tricky with an energy vampire but absolutely critical. You will be shown exactly how you can begin to set these boundaries.

3 Strategies to Protect Yourself from Vampires

Action Time #2 – Start Protecting Yourself from the Vampires. To end this workshop, Jen and Lisa are going to show you 3 ways that you can begin to protect yourself from these toxic individuals.

  • Lifetime access to this workshop.
  • Meditation within membership area to help you protect yourself from vampires.

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